Optimal condition of your fleet makes for a profitable rental

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Optimal condition of your fleet makes for a profitable rental

As a leasing company you have a large and expensive fleet of rolling stock. An optimal condition of this fleet by regular, professional maintenance, repair and overhaul of engines and components at attractive conditions, is required to rent the equipment as profitable as possible to rail operators. Are you looking for a reliable partner who takes care of business and aims at optimal collaboration with their business partners?

DSP is known for our knowledge and capability of lead time- and downtime reduction, innovative repair, remanufacturing and maintenance solutions. DSP Diesel is specialized in remanufacturing and maintaining as well as professionally repairing and overhauling diesel engines, power-packs, transmissions, fuel systems, cooling systems and all related pneumatic and hydraulic components. DSP Electrics focuses on maintenance, remanufacturing and overhaul of traction motors, generators, magnetic breaking systems, starters, alternators and all cooling and powertrain related electric components.

DSP is your partner for leasing companies!

  • Caretakers for fleet managers;
  • Supplies excellent quality for the lowest possible prices;
  • 24/7 service, on a national and international level;
  • Qualitative problem-solving capacity;
  • Quick lead time;
  • Completely independent testing facility for engines and transmissions and own hydraulic test bench;
  • Collects maintenance history for all clients;
  • Certified personnel for on-site service;
  • Sustainable and innovative.

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