Adapting to a changing market with DSP Electrics

High-end partner in innovation

Doing business with social responsibility is becoming more and more important, now that our climate is changing and worldwide laws require this. As a big player on the railway market we are constantly innovating. That means: adapting to a changing market in which generator and traction motor technology become more and more important.

We offer a wide range of services, including maintaining, remanufacturing  and overhauling generators, traction motors, magnetic brake systems, starters, alternators and all cooling and powertrain related electric components from railway applications.

DSP Electrics
DSP Electrics

DSP Electrics makes 9x the difference

  • Caretakers for fleet managers;
  • Supplies excellent quality for the lowest possible prices;
  • 24/7 service, on a national and international level;
  • Qualitative problem-solving capacity;
  • Quick lead time;
  • Qualitycontrol through extensive testing;
  • Collects maintenance history for all clients;
  • Certified personnel for on-site service;
  • Sustainable and innovative.

DSP Electrics is known for its constant continuous innovation, caretaking identity and its modern view on sustainability. These factors in combination with an ideal collaboration with our business partners, makes us an important player in railway mobility.

A partner you can rely on, flexibility and capability to deliver a 24/7 service within the Netherlands and abroad. Competence, reliability and optimal collaboration; that is DSP Electrics.

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DSP Electrics specialises in: Maintaining, remanufacturing and overhauling:


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