Always ‘on track’ with DSP Diesel

24-7 completely carefree, on a national and international level!

Are you a fleet manager? Then you would like your cares to be taken away by a reliable partner who makes sure that the diesel engines of your fleet work efficiently, effectively and reliably. For 30 years, the people at DSP Diesel have been passionate about what they do, which is: ensuring that your fleet is always on track.

DSP Diesel specialises in remanufacturing and maintaining as well as professionally repairing and overhauling diesel engines, power-packs, transmissions, fuel systems, cooling systems, aggregates and all accompanying pneumatic- and hydraulic components. DSP Diesel and railway transporters work together every day – on a national and international level – to achieve high performance rail-based mobility solutions & services.

Why DSP Diesel?

  • Caretakers for fleet managers;
  • Supplies excellent quality for the lowest possible prices;
  • 24/7 service, on a national and international level;
  • Qualitative problem-solving capacity;
  • Quick lead time;
  • Completely independent testing facility for engines and transmissions and our own hydraulic test bench;
  • Collects maintenance history for all clients;
  • Certified personnel for on-site service;
  • Sustainable and innovative.

Thanks to our excellently equipped testing facility we can guarantee the quality of the products we deliver. All engines, transmissions and hydraulic components will be thoroughly  tested before approval. Upon delivery you will also receive a test report containing all test data.

Flexibility, competence, reliability and optimal collaboration with our business partners combined with innovation makes us one of the key players in railway mobility.

IRIS certificering

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DSP Diesel specialises in: Remanufacturing, maintaining and overhauling:


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